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Commercial Security Camera Installation Services

San Francisco Bay Area

Signal Solutions Corporation offers a full complement of creative, commercial security camera installation solutions from the simple to the complex, providing forward looking, standards based, full-service design/build solutions to meet a variety of commercial applications that have safety and security as their core focus.


Founded in 1987, we are one of the oldest network integrators in the high-tech San Francisco Bay Area region, offering an array of complementary low voltage services to support today’s modern connected facilities. From our Benicia, California headquarters we are conveniently located within 1 hour of most all major Northern California population centers including San Francisco, Oakland, the Silicon Valley, Sacramento, Napa Valley & Santa Rosa. 


Our professional security camera installation service offerings are delivered by a team of veteran engineers, project managers and field technicians. All security camera installation services are performed by skilled in-house Communications Workers of America (CWA) union technicians to ensure the highest quality workmanship. Every CCTV installation is fully tested and documented and carries a lifetime workmanship warranty from Signal Solutions Corporation. 


We take pride in providing commercial security camera installation solutions for businesses of every size and budget. With us, you’re guaranteed:

  • Full collaboration with design, security, and management experts.

  • Tailored surveillance system solutions to fit your business.

  • In-House installation and ongoing maintenance.

  • Commitment to the quality of our workmanship.

  • The highest levels of business security experience.

  • Complete detection of your work areas, including outdoor spaces, exterior and interior buildings. 


Here’s just a taste of the security camera solutions you can take advantage of with Signal Solutions:

  • Security consulting for any project size.

  • Comprehensive security system design.

  • Professional security camera installation.

  • Ongoing commercial security system maintenance.

  • Video analytics.

  • Remote network monitoring


Our security system solutions are designed with flexibility and scalability in mind. We change and adapt your security camera solutions as your business grows and new threats emerge so that we can provide the best protection possible.  


Our Customers

As a leading CCTV installer, we’ve served thousands of businesses large & small throughout California from high-tech to healthcare to wineries to theme park operators and all sorts in between. Our customers include:


  • Commercial, Institutional & Industrial End-Users

  • Security Consultants & Engineers

  • Property Owners/Managers

  • Architects & General Contractors

  • Construction Managers

  • Government Organizations


Industry Leading Manufacturers

We install CCTV installation equipment and data transport solutions from all leading manufacturers depending on your requirements, preference and budget, including:

Commercial Security vs. Home Security Systems

Why opt for a commercial CCTV installation when a home security camera installation business might be much cheaper?


We advise all businesses to invest in a commercial security system installation. Here are some of the reasons why commercial security cameras offer a superior security solution:


  • Meet more complex needs not provided for by a home security camera installation service.

  • More cutting-edge technology for keeping your business safe and secure.

  • Easily scalable through a security camera installation company.

  • Additional flexibility for identified threats.

  • Regular, professional commercial maintenance through an experienced security camera contractor.


While residential camera systems may be much cheaper, they’re not designed for the complex, ever-changing needs of a business.


Professional video surveillance installation services from Signal Solutions are tailored to the needs of your Bay Area business.



Other Service Offerings

In addition to our video surveillance installation services, our current low voltage design and integration capabilities include:


  • Structured Cabling – Full-service copper & fiber network cabling contractor, a natural fit with the security camera installation business. 

  • Audio/Visual Systems – Turnkey A/V Systems Design, Installation and Support Solutions

  • Wireless Networking – Cloud & Controller Based Solutions, Access Point Installations, Predictive & Post Installation Heat Mapping & Documentation

  • Access Control Solutions

  • Riser Management/Telecom Carrier Support Services – Extend Carrier Services from Telecommunications Entrance Facilities to Equipment Rooms

  • In-Building Cell Boosters


As many have found from experience, not all security camera contractors are the same. A friendly, professional, knowledgeable, value conscious staff, quality workmanship and timely service are the cornerstone of our success and longevity. Need a security camera installation company in the San Francisco Bay Area you can count on? Experience the difference for yourself. Call 800-TWISTED (894-7833) or contact us today for a free no-obligation project consultation or site assessment




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