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Riser Management

Distributed Telecommunication Connectivity

Signal Solutions offers a one stop solution for all your distributed telecommunications connectivity needs.

Our services include:

  • Carrier Circuit Extensions - Extension and management from your building's MPOE to floor or tenant equipment rooms utilizing old school copper or ultra high-speed fiber optics.

  • Assessment, Documentation and Records Management - Analysis, testing and certification of existing riser and campus cabling systems for analog and digital use.

  • Structured Cabling Design and Installation- for expansion or upgrade of existing systems, new construction, or tenant floor-to-floor backbone systems.

  • Closet and Equipment Room Rehab - Identification and removal of abandoned equipment, racks, cabling, and cross-connects from tenant and building owned closets, ducts, and conduits.

  • Fire Stopping - Proper sealing of all floor and wall penetrations within telecommunications closets per National Electric Code guidelines.

  • Communications Works of America Union Labor.

  • LIFETIME Workmanship Warranty.

Need help? Reach out to one of our riser management experts today.

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